The Cruel Prince Review

The Cruel Prince

Romance as a subplot. I’m not sure how to feel. The Cruel Prince and the other two novels in the trilogy weave an adventurous tale of politics and love. The story follows Jude, a human girl as,  she navigates living amongst fairies and the complicated political system. 

Honestly…it was a little lame. I had seen a ton of reviews saying that the romance was unmatched and there was a ton of tension, but aside from some moments with some tension, I was left wondering what I was supposed to get out of the book. I also didn’t get most of the fairy culture, and I found myself lost amongst the details that didn’t really make sense. 

The romance aspect was…lacking. I understand that this was meant to be an adventure and not a romance, but I found that the hype around this trilogy was not worth it (at least to me). I would give this book a 2.5/5 because it was captivating and I enjoyed it in the moment, but I felt like the story was very surface level in addition to the lack of emotional connection with the characters. I think I would’ve liked it much more had there been more depth to Jude and something in the story to make it more character based.

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