The Love Hypothesis Review

The Love Hypothesis follows Ph.D. student Olive through the complicated twists and turns of dating as she tries to prove she’s over her ex to her best friend. How does she do it? By fake dating the most hated professor in the department! 

Although the story itself is wildly inaccurate and would actually result in a Title IX case immediately, The Love Hypothesis is one of my favorite novels to date. The easy readability and easy-to-follow story had me reading the whole book in one sitting. I loved Hazlewood’s ability to keep the writing dynamic and interesting as we follow Olive through the story. Hazelwood’s choice to make Olive a woman in STEM hit very close to home as I face a lot of the same challenges she did since I am also a woman in STEM.

The fake dating trope is a personal favorite, so as the tension built both Adam and Olive had me turning the page and waiting for more. Slow building tension and cute moments are littered throughout the story and once you get past the awkward setup and unrealistic outcome, the story is very satisfying. Overall, I would rate it a 4.5/5 because of the slightly unrealistic premise, but the story kept me turning the page and I can’t wait to read Adam’s pov. 

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