What is Oracle eBusiness Suite

Oracle eBusiness Suite is collection of different applications (sub ledger modules) to address requirements of a business entity. These entities can be a small business organization or global corporation. These sub ledgers provide solution to one functional business area e.g., Oracle Payables provide all functionality to manage payables for the business unit.

Oracle eBusiness Suite

These applications are grouped in business functionality HRMS suite provide all functionality around HR requirements. It includes Oracle Human Resource, Payroll, Benefits and Time and Labor etc. Oracle financial includes Account Payable (AP), Accounts Receivables (AR), Purchasing (PO), Federal Financial (Fedadmin), Assets, Project Accounting and the most important one is General Ledger. Refer the table below for financial flows, major steps in the flow and Oracle subledger associated with the flow.

Financial Flows

AcronymFinancial Flow NameMajor StepsEBS Sub Ledger
O2COrder to Cash cycleCustomer Order
Fulfillment and shipment
AR Invoices
Customer Payment
Order Management
Accounts Receivables
General Ledger
P2PProcure to pay CycleRequisition
Purchase Order
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
B2RBudget to ReportPlan Budget
Distribute Budget
Treasury Operation
General Ledger Operation
Fed Admin
General Ledger
A2RAcquire to RetireAcquire
Place in Service
Manage Asset
Retire Asset
Accounts Payable
General Ledger

Oracle Order management provide functionality to manage sales orders of the customer.

Accounts receivable is used for managing receivables, over payments of the customers.

Purchasing will be used for managing vendors, requisition and purchase orders. In US federal implementation all procuring process will be managed in Contract Life cycle Management (CLM).

Accounts Payable will be used for managing invoicing to vendors and payments and refunds.

Assets will be used for managing assets, depreciation and asset retirements.

Fed admin will be used in Oracle Federal financial implementation and will be used to manage all configuration and reporting requirements of federal government. This module is usually implemented for government entity / agencies to manage their business in conjunction with other sub ledgers.

Project Accounting will be used to manage projects, tasks resource project budget and expenditures.

General ledger is one the most important module and of the Oracle eBusiness suite, it will be collecting transaction from all sub ledgers, summarize them and prepare data for analysis and reporting.

Oracle Supply Chain provide functionality around supply chain and sub modules include Inventory, Manufacturing, Bill of Material, Transportation Management etc.

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